17 March, 2006

Dear Mr, Malek

Thank you for your e mail and your complementary words. I wish you
well in your efforts to change Egypt to be better place for all Egyptians .
God bless you and every one working with you .

Sobhy Fouad, Australia
Comment on Petition: Equal Rights for All Egyptians - 3 March, 2006

 I was born and raised in Egypt for 37 years.  I had great relationship with many good muslims. We were more than brothers.  There was so much love between Muslims and Christians.  Only after the revolution that people like Metwally Shahrawi were allowed to attack Christians and their beliefs on radio and TV.  They sowed hatred by insulting the sacred faith of a respectful nation.  These people unfortunately were supported by powerful organisations like El Azhar and Muslim brotherhood, and above all the Muslim governments.  The result as expected gave rise to terrorism against  Copts. Massacres were committed, destruction of properties, thefts of businesses, and the non-existence of justice.  It is about time our rulers must understand that we are all sailing in one boat and whatever happens to Christians will also hurt the whole society.  Egypt will never take its place with other civilised nations not until human rights for all  people are respected.

Philip Girgis
Comment on Petition: Equal Rights for All Egyptians - 28 February, 2006

Dear Mr. Mubarak...

I know you will help us because I know you love Egypt, as every Egyptian loves Egypt. In my mind--An Egyptian is an Egyptian, regardless of faith, and I can't wait for the day when every Egyptian feels this way--and acts accordingly! I know you can make this happen. Thank you, Dear President Mubarak, and Rabena yebarkak :)

Sally Beshai

Comment on Petition: Equal Rights for All Egyptians - 26 February, 2006

All Egyptians should unite behind this new law on building and renovating places of worship. This is the least, though very important, step towards equality. Religious difference must not be a wall of division and a basis for discrimination. Such an attitude definitely corrupts religion, which is supposed to be a venue to peace and harmony, God's gifts to humanity!

Saad Samer Atta

Comment on Petition: Equal Rights for All Egyptians - 26 February, 2006

National laws in democratic states apply on all the citizens of the country without exception or discrimination. That is the rule of law. Can Egypt join this club of civilized democratic countries, or it will remain ruled by Middle Ages regulations and the whims of the masters.

Sami Amin El-Masry

Comment on Petition: Equal Rights for All Egyptians - 21 February, 2006

President Mubarak, You were the right hand man of President Sadat.As president Sadat who engineered the driving out of the Israelis from our occupied territories,the righteous new elected president whom you are,will surely be able to push forward for the IMPLEMENTATIONS and promotions of human rights for all Egyptians.As you were successfull in the first step by introducing and legislating the new law in Egypt allowing freedom of building new churches and restoring old ones,you will surely be able again by the help of GOD and your continuous righteous will and your long and vast experience in Egypt's internal matters to assure the success of the protection and full implementations of"EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL EGYPTIANS"...This duty is as sacred as the duty to protection of our NATION,EGYPT.GOD WITH US.

Farag Raouf

20 February, 2006


Dear Nabil,

Looks great! I often speak about the discrimination against Egyptian Copts by radical Muslims in my speeches. It is time for Muslim Egyptians to stand up for the truth about their brothers the Copts.


Comment on Petition: Equal Rights for All Egyptians - 15 February, 2006

The treatment of minorities is one of the most important measures by which the civility of states is measured. Pluralism should not only be tolerated, but also be celebrated. The Government of Egypt needs to reconsider its denial that religious, ethnic and linguistic minorities exist within its border. The Government needs to be guided by the comments of the Human Rights Committee (HRC General Comment 23, (1994) ) that it is not up to a given State to decide who within its border may constitute a minority, but it is rather determined by ‘objective criteria’. HRC has also stated that minority rights could not be confused with the human right to equality under International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR, article 2). Regardless of the terminology, no State should be permitted to deprive members of minorities of their legal rights. It is about time that Egypt joins the expanding civilized club of nations. RESTORE THE DIGNITY OF THE EGYPTIAN CITIZEN, MINORITY RIGHTS NOW!

Abdelaziz Abdelaziz

03 February, 2006 
I enjoyed CEOHR website, and wish you and it progress and strength. How long has the website been up?  From our phone conversation it sounded as if it is a new project, but it looks like if it has been up and running for years. I also signed the petetion to the European Parliament. 
Warm Regards.
Aziz, NY, USA
28 January, 2006

Dear Nabil and Elie:
Excellent website. Great service to a great cause.
S. Michael Saad , Los Angeles,USA
27 January, 2006
Congratulation, great news. keep up the good work.

Dr. Kamal Ibrahim
, Chicago, USA
27 January, 2006

Dear Dr.Nabil Malik
Congratulations for your great website. It will be a true window for freedom.

Thank you
Dr.Hassan Omar, Egypt
27 January, 2006

Dear Dr.Nabil Malik
Congratulations for your great website. It will be a true window for freedom.

Thank you
Dr.Hassan Omar, Egypt
26 January, 2006

Congratulations, Mr Malek, on a great website that
 looks very professional.
May god bless all your hard work.

Peter Tadros,
Sydney, Australia
25 January, 2006

Dear Nabil
Greetings from Egypt
Thanks for the new site and the forum. It will enhance efforts for deepening equality and democratization.

M. Elbadry