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Sydney Protests Copt Persecution In Egypt


July 06, 2008


On Saturday, a few hundred people protested the appalling treatment of Christians (specifically Copts) by Muslims in the majority Muslim country of Egypt.


An Auspundits reader, Bouillon, emails that the following flyers were handed out describing some recent attacks:


The Copts are the Christian Egyptians. They are living in constant fear and threat from the Muslims Fundamentalists in Egypt.

  • Muslims kidnap Christian girls, rape them and force them to convert to Islam.

  • The Muslims attack Christian jewelers shops, kill them and steal their gold.

  • Christians are treated as second class citizens.

  • No Christian is allowed to be appointed as a dean in a university or head of a department in the interior ministry or the foreign affair or the national security or the police or the army.

  • Churches have been attacked, some destroyed, no repairs to the churches are permitted without previous permission.

  • Monks in the monastery have been kidnapped, tied to a palm tree with ropes, beaten with electric cables, stoned and spat on them, to force them to deny their faith, after a long two days they were returned with broken bones, and were admitted to hospital


Here are some photos taken by Bouillon at Saturday's protest.






Unfortunately, the treatment Copts receive at the hands of Muslim fanatics is not unique in the Middle East (or some part of Asia). Muslim countries generally treat Christians at second-class citizens, or Dhimmis by limiting their careers at best or at worst attacking their homes and community. This occurs irrespective of the constitutional/parliamentary construct: in supposedly secular countries like Turkey or in quasi-dictatorships like Egypt.


Update 8:45AM AEST: Richard has a personal write up and notes that a protest delegation was invited into consulate.


Here's a sickening documentary produced by an ABC journalist:


Part 1:   Video 1

Part 2:  Video 2

Part 3:  Video 3


Source: Auspundits Blog

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