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Coptic Demonstrations in Europe


Written by The Free Copts


Saturday, 28 June 2008


In The Netherlands:

Thousands of Copts took to the streets of Paris, The Netherlands, and Greece to demonstrate against the ongoing attacks on Copts in Egypt, the most prominent of which attacks at present is the savage attack on the monastery of Abu Fana, in Minya, Upper Egypt.

Amsterdam on Saturday 21/06/08 a number of Copts living in the Netherlands joined by a group of Dutch demonstrators, including a Christian Union Party Member of Parliament Mr. Joel Stephanus Voordewind, began their rally.


Mr. Voordewind declaring to the crowd that he intends to raise the persecution of the Copts in Egypt before the parliament.  A Dutch pastor at the rally said he decided to join in the demonstration in protest at the atrocities committed against all minorities, especially Middle Eastern Christian communities


In France:


In Paris on Sunday 22/06/08 the demonstrators began at Place National and continued on for 3 hours carrying both Egyptian and French flags and banners asking for liberty and equality to Copts in EgyptWith the large Coptic crowd, there was also a strong presence of clergy form diverse denominations. Two Coptic Orthodox priests, an Ethiopian Orthodox priest and a French Catholic priest as well as a group of Coptic Catholic nuns.



The enthusiastic participation of second generation French Egyptians was noteworthy, as it proves that this is a cause dear to the hearts of all Copts in the Diaspora.


In Greece:


In Greece, where 4000 Copts demonstrated in the streets of Athens for 4 hours, supported by

Assyrian and Iraqi Christians.  Father Athanasious Henin and father Morcous Nashed of St Mark the

Apostle Coptic Church in Athens led the rally, joined by father Hanna of the Assyrian church and members

of the Coptic Greek Center.


The rally proceeded to the Egyptian embassy in Athens to deliver a statement to the Egyptian    ambassador. The ambassador was not available, though still in Athens, and meeting the representatives of the demonstrators was delegated to an embassy employee. The representatives refused to deliver the statement and went directly to the Greek parliament where they were received by an aid to the speaker of parliament who expressed his sorrow on behalf of all parliament representatives at the recent attacks on the Copts in Egypt.   

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